Conventional Mortgage

What is a Conventional Mortgage?

Conventional mortgages are home loans that are not issued by, nor insured by, or guaranteed by the federal government.

Conventional, or conforming mortgages, follow the guidelines set by Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac.

The maximum loan limits for conventional mortgages vary from county to state and can be found here: Fannie Mae Loan Limits

What Kind of Options Do I Have With a Conventional Mortgage?

Conventional loans can either be fixed or have an adjustable rate.

It is possible to get a hybrid adjustable rate mortgage, where the first 3, 5, or 7 years of the loan is fixed. After that the loan turns into a fully adjustable mortgage for the remainder of the term.

An adjustable rate mortgage (ARM), usually has a term of 30 years and it comes with a low introductory rate, better known as a teaser rate.


Conventional mortgages have credit score requirements of 620 or greater.

If you wish to have no monthly payments for mortgage insurance, you must put down at least 20% of the loan amount as the down payment.

It is possible to obtain the loan with 10%, or even 3% down, but the loan will come with mortgage insurance.

  • Credit score: 620+
  • Down payment: 20%, 10%, 3%
  • Mortgage insurance: Yes, if you have less than 20% equity

Conventional Mortgage Pros & Cons

Mortgage payment stays the same for the entire life of the loan 620+ credit score
No mortgage insurance required if you have more than 20% equity Higher interest rates vs VA & FHA
Lower cost vs. other loans Large down payment
Lower mortgage insurance premium vs. FHA (if required) Requires mortgage insurance if your equity is less than 20%
No up front mortgage insurance like FHA loans require Lower debt to income qualification ratios

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