The Harsh Reality of Getting Your Offer Accepted

At this moment in time, a realtor somewhere is going through several different purchase agreements with his clients.

Their objective is to choose the strongest offer that is most likely to close escrow.

You may have even been in this very same situation before.

You know, when you submit an offer to purchase a home and you're competing against five other buyers who want the house just as bad, or even more than you do. 

All of that excitement soon fades away when your real estate agent tells you that the sellers went with another offer.

Why? What went wrong? What was so special about the offer that was accepted?

The sellers didn't accept your offer because it didn't stand out from the rest. It was just like the other twenty something offers that eventually ended up at the bottom of a wastebasket. 

If you are just starting to shop for a home and you haven't been in this situation yet, consider yourself lucky.

It's not a fun experience, not to mention the huge waste of time and energy that is lost in the process.


How to Make Your Offer Stand Out and Win The Sellers Confidence

The best way to make your offer stand out and avoid the pits of some wastebasket is to first get pre-approved with a mortgage lender. 

Most people shopping for homes are only getting pre-qualified at best, which does not include an analysis of credit or an in depth look of their ability to purchase a home. 

Don't be like most people, your offer will be just like "most peoples' offers," it wont stand out. It won't give the sellers the "warm and fuzzies," and more than likely, it wont be accepted.

Pre-approvals are much stronger than pre-qualifications because the lender approves with conditions to lend a certain amount of money to you towards the purchase of a home. 

It shows the seller that you're very serious about purchasing their home and that you have a lender who is actively ready to approve your loan if certain conditions are met.

When it comes down to the seller to make the hard decision on which offer to accept, where do you want to be? 

Just another offer out of a few dozen, or the offer that stands out, the offer that gets accepted?

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