FHA Streamline Refinance

The FHA Streamline Refinance is Fast & Easy

With mortgage interest rates so low in today’s marketplace and the recent decrease in the FHA mortgage insurance premium, it’s a great time to take advantage of an FHA streamline refinance.

The FHA Streamline refinance program makes refinancing fast and easy.

The whole process is ‘streamlined’ so to speak.

The FHA made this possible by removing the requirements of income verification, asset documentation, and the need to order an appraisal.

The lender is able to review the file much faster because less documents are required to fund the loan.

You will not have to wait for an appraisal report to be delivered, as it is not needed on an FHA Streamline refinance.

That saves you $500 and allows you to close your loan a few days faster.

  • No appraisal required
  • No income documentation required
  • No asset documentation required (unless funds required to close)
  • Mortgage must be current
  • Mortgage only credit report allowed


Have You Had a Late Payment?

Almost all lenders will not be able to approve you for an FHA Streamline if you have had a late payment within the last year.

If you have had a late payment within the last year, don’t worry, there may still be hope!

At Lending Mart, we can still get you approved if you have had a late payment on your mortgage in the past 12 months, but not within the past 6 months.


Find Out if You Qualify Today, No Obligations!

Contact us about an FHA Streamline refinance and within 24 business hours we can have you pre-qualified for this program.

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Then, one of our mortgage loan specialists will contact you and answer any questions that you may have, and fully explain the FHA Streamline refinance and how you can benefit from it.